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The early Christians weren’t foisting a narrative out of the

but what about Christians

Christ was persecuted, but what about Christians?

CNN examines the tumultuous early years of Christianity Canada Goose Online in a special narrated by Liam Neeson. ET.

One of the beasts attacked, hurling her to the ground. She covered an exposed thigh with her bloody robe to preserve her modesty and groped in the dust for her hair pin so she could fix her disheveled hair.

And canada goose outlet toronto factory Canada Goose Jackets when a Roman executioner canada goose deals approached Perpetua canada goose coats with a sword, her last words before collapsing were aimed at Canada Goose Outlet her Christian companions: “Stand cheap Canada Goose fast in the faith, and love you all one another and do not let our sufferings be canada goose black friday sale a stumbling block to you.”

Millions of Christians worldwide will celebrate the death and resurrection canada goose clearance of 2018 canada goose outlet Jesus on this Easter Sunday. But the story of how the church rose to prominence after Jesus’ death is being turned upside down.

According to a belief passed down through the centuries, the church grew because of Roman persecution. The blood of Christian martyrs such buy canada goose jacket cheap as Perpetua became “the seed of the church,” said third century church leader Tertullian. It’s the Hollywood version of Christianity reflected in epic biblical films such as “Ben Hur” and “The Robe.” Vicious Romans relentlessly targeted early Christians, so the story goes, but the faith of people like Perpetua proved so inspiring that Christianity became the official religion of Rome, and eventually the largest religion canada goose outlet toronto factory in the world.

But that script is getting a rewrite. The first Christians were never systematically persecuted by the Romans, and most martyrdom stories with the exception of a handful such as Perpetua were exaggerated and invented, several scholars and historians say. It wasn’t just how the early Christians died that inspired so many canada goose people in the ancient world; it was how they lived.

“You had much better odds of winning the lottery than you would have becoming canadian goose jacket a martyr,” says Joyce E. More people read about martyrs than ever saw one.”

Do Christians have a martyr complex today?

The debate over exactly how many Christians were persecuted canada goose store and martyred may seem irrelevant centuries later. A scholarly consensus has indeed emerged that Roman persecution of Christians was sporadic, and that at least some Christian martyrdom stories are theological tall tales.

But a new book by Candida Moss, a New Testament professor at the University of Notre Dame, is bringing that message to the masses.

Moss says ancient stories of church persecution have created a contemporary cult of bogus Christian martyrs. She says too many American Christians are acting like they’re members of a persecuted minority, being thrown to the lions by people who Canada Goose sale simply disagree with them.

She cited former Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Romney claimed last year that President Barack Obama was waging a “war against religion,” and Santorum said the gay community “had gone out on a jihad” against him.

The problem with invoking persecution is it implies your opponents are evil and no common ground can be found with evil, Moss says.

“When someone is persecuting you she canada goose outlet store locations says, is no room for dialogue. say Moss’ claim is dangerous.

People such as Perpetua did die because of buy canada goose jacket their beliefs. Jesus and most of his apostles were executed, he says.

“To deny the history of the movement is a way of attacking the movement,” Morgan says.

Some opposition to contemporary Christians is indeed evil, Morgan says. Christians are being killed today in places such as Nigeria and North Africa.

“Christians do not have a victim’s mentality,” Morgan says. “They take their stands, they know what they believe and they do good in this world. They are the ones who have established orphanages, hospitals and charitable institutions. For some reason, there’s this animosity against them.”

Hatred of Christians is woven into much of the New Testament. Jesus constantly warned his followers to expect persecution. The Apostle Paul wrote many of his epistles from jail. And the death of the first Christian martyr, Stephen, is dramatically recorded in the New Testament book the Acts of the Apostles.

The Easter message itself is a story of martyrdom Jesus, unjustly executed by the Romans. The idea that Christians canada goose clearance sale are at Canada Goose Coats On Sale war with demonic forces in the world is reflected throughout the New Testament, says Bryan Litfin, a theology professor at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

“If Jesus was just a soft canada goose replica moral teacher who taught us to love one another and petted little babies, the Romans wouldn’t have crucified him,” Litfin says. “Jesus is a polarizing figure, then and today. The early Christians weren’t foisting a narrative out of the blue about being martyrs. ”

the Canada Goose online action heroes of the ancient world the first Christians pictured themselves as waging Canada Goose Parka war canada goose coats on sale against the world, the martyrs were their version of the Navy SEALs. They were the elite Christians who inspired and united others of their faith.

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