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Now it’s up to Luffy

Now it’s up to Luffy and the crew to play against the rules, with the help of the ambiguously aligned Carina, if they ever want to stand a chance of seeing their swordsman again and make it out of Gran Tesoro intact.The Straw Hats have made their way to Gran Tesoro, the famous traveling city of gold that serves as a rule free zone for pirates, marines, and anybody else looking for a good time. At first, things seem alive and inviting as the crew enjoy all the games and entertainment, until the casino’s owner, Gild Tesoro, takes Roronoa Zoro hostage in a gambling ruse gone south for our heroes. Now it’s up to Luffy and the crew to play against the rules, with the help of the ambiguously aligned Carina, if they ever want to stand a chance of seeing their swordsman again and make it out of Gran Tesoro intact.If there’s one thing that Toei Animation irrefutably puts a ton of effort into, it’s the theatrical One Piece movies.

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