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Another option, and one that could complement a bad bank,

What good is a bad bank

policy canada goose clearance makers are mulling whether the government should warehouse failing Canada Goose online Wall Street investments in a bank cleanup program some analysts estimate could reach $4 trillion.

This bank would soak up mortgage securities and other canada goose store investments weighing down banks balance sheets and clogging credit canada goose markets.

BAD BANK OR GUARANTEE? The new entity Canada Goose sale would canada goose coats on sale become a way station for hard to price assets or simply cheap Canada Goose protect banks from hard to gauge but possibly catastrophic losses. Another option, and one that could complement a bad bank, would cheap canada goose uk be to offer a federal buy canada goose jacket guarantee on losses caused by bad investments, Canada Goose Outlet which would be cheaper than buying the assets outright. That option, uk canada goose outlet however, would not scrub bank balance sheets, which might scare off badly needed private capital.

HOW TO PRICE IT? A Canada Goose Online key challenge is how to value bad assets. If the government pays too much, taxpayers will take a hit. Too little and banks will suffer crippling losses on their own. Geithner has said that canada goose factory sale Washington could infer a value from the markets, use buy canada goose jacket cheap outside canadian goose jacket models or take a cue from bank regulators. Basically, this would be an imprecise science.

FUNDING? Ostensibly, Washington has more than $350 billion left in a financial rescue fund that it could use to jump start a financial rescue program, but some of that money has already been promised.

Still, a share of that Troubled Asset Relief Program could be used to backstop failing loans and Congress could give the canada goose clearance sale program a top up. Alternatively, seed money could come from canada goose black friday sale the Treasury run TARP, with the Federal Reserve canada goose outlet Canada Goose Coats On Sale standing by Canada Goose Parka if more funds are needed. If the government were to decide to offer an asset guarantee, it could channel the money through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., a regulator already tasked with winding down failed banks.

If policy makers decide to buy the assets outright to scrub the banks balance sheets, the total cost could reach several trillion dollars.

WHO canada goose uk outlet RUNS IT? Canada Goose Jackets The FDIC has for years disposed of failed lenders and could use that expertise to oversee a bank. The Fed and Treasury have worked in tandem through the credit crisis to soothe the markets using taxpayer money and the central bank balance sheet. Either approach might canada goose uk shop work or a new entity could be created as happened during the savings and loan crisis of the late uk canada goose 1980s.

HOW LONG? Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson scratched plans for a bank, partly because it canada goose uk black friday would have taken too long to establish. The Fed has needed months to set up some of its emergency credit programs. While the markets might initially cheer news of a bank, canada goose coats it would likely take months to get the program up and running, and during that time more loans may sour if the economy worsens.

INVESTOR STAKE? The main goal of any rescue is to restore credit markets and boost banks capital reserves. Policy makers could send a signal that federal aid is meant to encourage private investors to put money into Wall Street banks so that the healthy portion can resume normal lending.

Reporting by Patrick Rucker, Emily Kaiser, Karey Wutkowski and Mark Felsenthal; Editing by Neil Stempleman.

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