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Upgrade YourShower CurtainReplace your shower curtain to

Your 2014 Home Décor Makeover: New Year, New Bathroom

Metal Mirror Wall Piece,$29.99, Linnea’sLights Sea Salt Candle,$32.00 Bronze MetalÉtagère,$30.99, CapizChandelier,$139.00, Anthropologie’sKaleidoscope Patch Curtain,$88.00, Donkey Tail Succulent,$29.99, Moen Adjustable Curved Shower Rod,$39.99, EvleenMercury Glass Bath Accessories,$14.00 – $34.00, <>We are into our third week of January. We’ve vowed to lose weight, save money, and be more punctual. But what goals have we set to make our homes more beautiful and efficient? canada goose store Last week, we told you how to achieve a bedroom of your Canada Goose Outlet dreams. This week, we focus on the most used space in your home: canada goose black friday sale the bathroom.Being that the bathroom is the most Canada Goose Online frequented space, it should reflect your personality while maintaining its functionality. The opportunity to create your Canada Goose online ideal bathroom for under $500 is just a few clicks away. Whether you prefer a chic modern design or a comfortable cozy feel, the following tips can help you transform your bathroom into a relaxing refuge.1.Upgrade YourShower CurtainReplace your shower curtain to quickly update your bathroom. Doing this will also rid canada goose clearance you of canada goose replica your old dirty mildewed one (you ain’t got to lie, Craig). Anthropologie’s whimsical Kaleidoscope Patch curtain adds the perfect amount of interest to your bathroom. $88.00, canada goose DisplaysDisplay ordinary bathroom items in canisters of varying sizes to give them a sense of importance. Make your storage buy canada goose jacket shimmer cheap Canada Goose with these beautiful Evleen Mercury Glass Bath Accessories that perfectly house everything from cotton balls to canada goose coats on sale soaps and perfume. $14.00 – $34.00, Toilet StorageYou’ll need Canada Goose Coats On Sale a place to showcase your beautiful bathroom accessories. This Bronze Metal Étagère is perfect for canada goose clearance sale storing your bathroom necessities. I have Canada Goose sale this awesome piece of bathroom furniture myself, so I can attest to its greatness. You can even secure it to the wall to stabilize your accessories. $30.99, Become One With NatureHumid-loving plants are fitting for a bathroom. They bring in a bit of colorful nature indoors. Succulents thrive in moist environments, which makes them ideal for your canadian goose jacket revamped bathroom. This Donkey Tail Succulent is another adorable addition to add to the étagère. $29.99, Artwork in the Bathroom?!Your bathroom walls usually get overlooked when it comes to hanging artwork. Bathrooms are definitely included in the list of creative spaces—some of our best ideas come from being perched on the commode. When hanging art, stick with materials like ceramic and metal that can’t be compromised by the humidity, like this Metal Canada Goose Parka Mirror Wall Piece. $29.99, Smell GoodsIt isn’t enough to just have your bathroom be aesthetically pleasing; it has canada goose coats to smell good too. Candles in your canada goose outlet bathroom help to change it into a personal retreat. Linnea’s Lights Sea Salt Candle inspire a fresh clean scent to transform your bathroom into a beach oasis. $32.00 LightingReplacing your existing Canada Goose Jackets lighting fixture can dramatically alter the appearance of your bathroom. A new pendant creates a focal point in the space. What better way to catch the eye of your guest than with a hanging chandelier? The Capiz Chandelier is draped with buy canada goose jacket cheap natural shells, which gives your bathroom a warm inviting glow. $139.00, Handle This Curve (Shower Curtain)The change from a straight shower rod to a curved rod can make a huge impact. Not only does it look great, it gives you more space in the shower. The Moen Adjustable Curved Shower Rod is an awesome upgrade to your revamped canada goose deals bathroom for the New Year. $39.99,

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