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Actress Kate Simses ( Ken is 38

To his tight knit clan back in Jersey, the killing was just the latest episode in a saga of pain and loss, violence and drugs. Determined to understand his death, his hard nosed older sister Adelia Rivera began following a trail of online bread crumbs through Facebook. Soon, the clues she found pointed toward a darker, more twisted reason for murder than a simple drug beef: a love triangle that had boxed Michael between two troubled, violent teens..

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In the summer of 2010, the Gaby family hosted the Genetic Venture Sale at the farm. Ninety seven lots sold for an average of $1,980.15. The high seller was the “Golden Ticket” lot, which gave the buyer the chance to pick any animal from the herd over 90 days old (not including Gabys Jacinto Alyssa, who was retained for breeding purposes).

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